Newbie Training Program

Download the 18-week self-guided training program that will build your endurance and strength to train successfully for the 9th Annual Cayuga Lake Triathlon. This is a gradual program that will slowly and safely allow you to compete and finish the Sprint distance. You should consult with your physician before starting any new exercise program.

10 Easy Tips for Triathlon Training

Here are some tips from Andrew Getzin, MD.

  • Choose a triathlon that is far enough in the future that allows enough time to properly prepare. I advise allowing at least a few months.
  • Increase your training gradually by increasing less than 10 percent per week (total weekly mileage).
  • Ensure that you are alternating your workouts to include all three disciplines — swimming, biking and running.
  • For many new triathletes, swimming is the hardest part and often quite scary. Remember the least amount of time in almost all triathlons is spent swimming. If you are new to swimming don’t worry about your swim time. Just relax and feel comfortable. If it is an open water swim consider borrowing a wetsuit (they help by providing buoyancy and make swimming easier).
  • The bike part is the longest part of almost all triathlons and seems to be the discipline that first timers prepare for the least. If you have only limited time to train emphasize the bike. First timers should not be worried about what bike they are riding, even a mountain bike will work fine.
  • The key to any triathlon program is consistency with work outs. However, if a workout is missed do not try to make it up.
  • As your training progresses, practice brick workouts where one event follows the next. You don’t want the first time you try to run after biking to be at the triathlon.
  • Consider joining a club or a group. Training can often be easier with a friend. Triathlon clubs usually have more experienced racers who can help with questions as to what wear or eat and drink during a race.
  • If you have any health concerns with training, consult with your doctor about the appropriateness of starting a training program.
  • Have fun.


The Ithaca Triathlon Club sponsors various clinics throughout the spring and summer, from bike maintenance to transition training. Information about upcoming clinics will be sent out via the list serve and posted on this website as well. Check back for more information.